Descendents of Johannes Schneider (1534, Berne Switzerland)

and Jacob H Schneider (1764-1853 Waterloo County Ontario)



        I. Hannes Schneider was born in the canton of Berne Switzerland in 1534, and in 1557 married Cathrine Haus of Berne. They had 2 children, Peter (1559) and Jacob (1561). Peter died of an accident at age 19, in 1578.

        II. Jacob Schneider married Anna Marie Brech in 1586, and had 9 children. Jacob (1587 – 1647), Peter (1590-1663) married to Susan Reisz, Susanna (1592) married to Conrad Mensch, Daniel (1594-1598*), Mary (1596-1598*),Samuel (1598-1598 six months*), John (1600-), Christian (1603), and Elizabeth (1606) married to John Herschi.

[According to the Froschauer Family Bible, 1598 was a plague year when the 3 children died. Source: The Snyder e-book, Jim Snyder, Waco Texas, 2003]

        III. Peter Schneider was born to Jacob and Anna Marie (Bresch) Schneider in 1590 and married Susan Reisz. They had 3 children, Anna and Hannes who died in infancy, and Jacob, born June 13, 1624 in Lucerne, Switzerland. He married Anna Maria Muller (born Sept 13, 1626) Sept 16, 1646. Anna Maria died July 4, 1679, and Jacob died Dec 12, 1695.

[In 1653 Peter and Susan moved to Spiers, about 12 miles from Heidelberg, Germany, where they lived for 18 years. In January 1672, they moved to Zweibruken, Germany, about 48 miles from Strausberg. Source: the Snyder e-book, Jim Snyder, Waco Texas]

        IV. Jacob Schneider, born to Peter and Susan (Reisz) Schneider  June 13, 1634 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Married Anna Maria Muller Feb 10, 1946 and had 9 children.

        Daniel (April 16, 1651), Catharine (Jan 20,1654 died as an infant), Michael (Feb 11, 1656), Anna Maria (Oct 27, 1658), Samuel (Jan 20,1661 twin – died in infancy), David (Jan 20, 1661 twin), Jacob (June 18,1663-Feb 17,1727) married Jan 1, 1691 to Veronica Schmidt, Susanna (Jan 28,1665), and Elizabeth (Nov 29,1667)

[ All seven children who lived to adulthood were married. After their father Jacob’s death in 1695, Daniel, Michael, and Jacob moved to Kennerland, Holland, about 12 miles from Amsterdam. Source: The Snyder e-book, Jim Snyder, Waco Texas]

        V. Jacob Schneider, born June 18, 1663 to Jacob and Anna Maria (Muller) Schneider in Spiers, Germany, married Veronica Schmidt (Feb 3, 1662) of Heidelberg, Germany Jan 1, 1691. They had 3 children, Veronica (Oct 12, 1693), Anna (Feb 22, 1695) and Johannes (June 13, 1697 – Oct 13, 1763) who married Susanna Baumann of Holland (Dec 13, 1700-Dec 13,1745) on Oct 12, 1721.)

        VI. Johannes Schneider, born to Jacob and Veronica (Schmidt) Schneider June 13,1697 in Kennerland, Holland, married Susanna Bauman (Dec 13,1700) Oct 12, 1721, and had 5 children

The "Colonial Records" of Philadelphia was the source for information on Schneiders who settled in Pennsylvania. In those records, it was found that quite a number of Schneiders came from various parts of central Europe and settled. Vol. 4, p. 59, had an entry of 150 Emigrants from the Palatinate (Pflatz) and other places in Europe in the ship "Harle" of London. Among those was Johannes Schneider.
Those together with "Hannes" were qualified for citizenship, and became "citizens of Pennsylvania and subject to the Crown, His Majesty King George II, in Sept. 1736.
Owing to his strict adherence to Anabaptist faith, he was subjected to the same tests and fiery persecutions as his fellow believers were.- so early in 1736 he left his home and set sail , with others, for London England, and from there to America where they landed in August of the same year and were naturalized a few days later. In September, He and his wife and family moved to Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania where they settled on a large tract of land.

(Eby, "Waterloo Twp")

Thanks to information from Colin Snyder of Lucknow, and his grandfather Edward Stanley Snyder, we now know Johannes was born  June 13, 1697 in Kennerland, Holland, and married Susanna Baumann of Holland Oct 12, 1721. They had 5 children, Susanna, Christian, Jacob, David, and Andrew. David died at age 15, and Andrew at age 8. Christian married Barbara Reist, and later Elisabeth (unknown ). Susanna married Martin Nissley and died at age 25.


          Jacob died in April 9, 1803 in Lancaster County Pa.